Month: February 2017

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Glasgow International Comedy Festival 2017

March is nearly upon us and that means it’s time for the Glasgow International Comedy Festival to return to the Blackfriars Basement and this year we have a fantastic line up for you folks!

Darren Connell: No Filter 9th (two shows),10th, 11th March

Scott Agnew: I’ve Snapped My Banjo String, Let’s Just Talk 10th March

Glasgow Live and Late 10th, 11th, 17th, 18th, 24th, 25th March

Larry Dean: Farcissist 11th March

Glasgow Harold Night 14th March

Neil Bratchpiece & Billy Kirkwood: Please? 16th March

Tiff Stevenson: Seven 17th March

Sean McLoughlin: Kamikaze 17th March

Ashley Storrie: Full Frontal Storrie 18th March

Damien Clarke: Live at Blackfriars 18th March

Fern Brady: Male Comedienne 24th March

Andrew Doyle: Future Tense 24th March

Chris Forbes: Funtime Forbesy 25th March

John Hastings: The John Hastings 25th March

Hailey Boyle: Committed 26th March